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Fennex BlackJack 2

How to install this game:

  1. First you have to unzip the file "". Please make sure, that all files are in the same folder.

  2. Please put this code into your HTML-file:
    <applet code="BJ2.class" archive="BlackJack.jar" width="400" height="270">

  3. If you would like this game to come in english language, insert this code.
    <applet code="BJ2.class" archive="BlackJack.jar" width="400" height="270">
    <param name="lang" value="english">


  4. Test your game, it even will work in offline mode. If everything is alright, upload the files to your webspace. Please pay attention that all files are in one folder.

  5. Thats it. Fennex Team wishes you good luck.

Important note:

  1. This game is freeware, but contains two buttons that link to the Fennex-Website. If you would like to install the enhanced version (also includes highscore, many parameters and without advertising) please contact me. Mail:

  2. The game will only work, if the height and the width of the applet are set correctly. The width must be 400 pixels and the height 270 pixels. Otherwise the game will crash after loading the images.


This game is freeware. You are allowed to copy the Zip-file and you may hand it to other people. But: you are NOT allowed to chance any files in any way. All files have to remain in the state, as how you got them from the Fennex Website.

If you have any questions relating to this game, please write me. Mail:

Have fun and enjoy this game.