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  Coffee Chinese Chess - Demos of some purposes

I. As a board picture

The program reads the content of game from text file game3.txt. The users can see the game without playing or interacting with it. When you want to update a new game, simply change and upload this text file.

If you do not want to change the content frequently, use parameter position or board or piece instead.


II. As a game viewer

1. This applet reads the content of game from text file game1.txt. This is a whole real game. There is enough information in this file. You may open this game in the middle by setting up parameter movebegin to any number of moves. The setting control panel 2 and start button off seem to be the most suitable for the game viewer.

2. This applet reads the content of game from text file game2.txt. This is a part of real game, starting from the middle. And the program has to set up board based on information retrieving from DIAG statement.


III. Practice opening book

You can display one of the 145 opening books. Name it and add more comment.

One of common opening books.


IV. Practice end game

a) Simple case

This game is easy, no need solution.

b) If you have one solution

The best way, let users try solving first; then they could get the solution by clicking the Answer button. To do this, turn on the Answer button.

This game may be difficult with somebody. Solution needed.
Users will click the Answer button for getting it.


c) If you have more than one solution

Set the first solution by parameter movelist as usual, the second by movelist1, the third by movelist2 and so on. The number  and total of solutions will be displayed on the Answer button after the first click. See the puzzle (a) below.


V. Puzzle

Puzzle is similar to the endgame but it has higher difficulty levels. As a result, in some cases, the program should be set up in higher levels (depth) and may take a long time for computing the correct reaction.

a. A puzzle is simple for computing

Even though this game looks complex and difficult, it is actually easy for computing. The default depth (=6) is enough for all correct reactions. There are two answers for this puzzle.

b. A puzzle is not simple for computing

In contrast, this game requires a very high level of computing. The program should be set up to the depth = 9 for all correct reactions (in fact, only one reaction - move number 10 of blue, really needs this depth). This depth may take 2-5 minutes per move in a strong computer (e.g. Pentium III 733) and much longer in the weaker ones.

You should check and choose the lowest depth for your puzzle.




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