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Shock Bowl Lite


If a Bowling Game doesn't appear above, you need to (it's free).


These instructions assume that you have some experience designing your own web pages -- and some comfort with editing HTML for a web page. If you do not have such experience, get a knowledgeable friend to help you set this up. Although we appreciate all of our web visitors and enjoy giving them a lot of cool, free things for their web pages (see our 150 free Baubles elsewhere on the site), we are a small company and cannot afford to be in the business of teaching folks how to use their web page editing programs. So . . . if you cannot successfully follow the instructions below, please get help from a friend or forego putting this game on your site.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Print this page so that you have a hard copy of these instructions.
  2. Open this page in your HTML Web Design Program (Pagemill, Dreamweaver, FrontPage).
  3. Edit this document and give it the look and formatting of pages on your site. Don't alter (yet) the HTML TAG that controls the look and placement of the game as yet. If you are viewing this page's HTML source code, this is the tag which begins with <OBJECT CLASSID= and ends with </OBJECT>.
  4. We think it is a nice touch to use Macromedia's "Get Shockwave" button either on the page with the game or on your page that will be sending players to this game. Use the URL that the button currently links to in order to send folks to the proper Shockwave download page.
  5. PERSONALIZATION - It is time to alter the instructions for the game so that it will display your custom message on startup and throughout the game. You will be editing a Parameter (named "sw1") that is passed to the game when the game begins. In certain web page creation programs (such as Dreamweaver), this is very simple because you simply need to click on the Shockwave game on the page and then click on the "Parameters" button in the floating Properties Window. In other web page creation programs, you may need to open the HTML source editor to find and change this parameter. Here's what you need to do:

    A) Find the tag which begins <OBJECT CLASSID= and ends with <OBJECT>. This section of the HTML page controls the Shockwave game.

    B) On approximately the fourth line of this tag, you will see a line reading <param name="SW1" value="Your Web Site Name Goes Here!">

    C) Replace the words within the quotation marks (leave the quote marks in place!) that read Your Web Site Name Goes Here! with whatever text you want to have appear in the game. The maximum length for your entry is 30 characters. Don't use quotation marks within your text as it will mess up the tag completely.

    D) Move further down in this tag and look for the section that begins <embed src= . There is also a "sw1" parameter in this portion of the tag and you will have to replace it also (the first "sw1" was for MSIE browsers, the second is for Netscape Browsers). Find the words sw1="Your Web Site Name Goes Here!". Again, replace the words within the quotes with your own text (your site name, your name, etc.).

    E) DO NOT ALTER ANY OTHER PORTION OF THIS OBJECT TAG - Particularly the other game parameters. When the game begins, it reads all of these parameters to insure that the game is properly labeled. If it finds changes, the game will display an error message.

  6. Save this page and test it in your browser to make sure that your text reads OK and the game works fine.
  7. Once the game works fine and you have personalized the page with your graphics and look, delete all of these instructions from the bottom of this page and then upload this page and the bowl7lite.dcr file (the game file) to a directory on your server. If you are using Macromedia's "Get Shockwave" icon, be certain to upload it as well.
  8. Play the game on your site and have fun!


This Shock Bowl Lite game may be freely used on any site on the web that does not charge for access to its pages.
The game may not be sold, licensed, bartered, distributed or used in any non-web (i.e. CD-ROM) product without the express written permission of @dver@ctive, Inc.

This game is the copyrighted intellectual property of:

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