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Java Pool


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Welcome to the most realistic billiards game you can play from your browser! Java Pool supports some great features that may take a minute to download. To play, click one of the buttons above (once) when they appear.

Open the Hoover Bros' Pool Games for rules to the games you can play right now with Java Pool.


!!! WARNING !!!

If you are not using Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater, be aware that not all browsers support Java properly. Here's a breif summary of my experience with Java Pool on different platforms. You may wish to press the "stop" button on your browser and close all other applications. Then press "reload" in your browser.


About Java Pool

Java Pool is more than just an oline video game; it is a billiards resource. With Java Pool you can learn the greatest new pool games which you can take with you when you logoff and head to the pool hall. You may even learn pool physics that will improve your game and impress your friends. But most of all, it's free, it's fun, and it only takes a mouse click to play, so enjoy!

Steve Hoover
Creator of Java Pool and
coauthor of the Hoover Bros' Pool Games


Detailed instructions are available, however Java Pool is relatively intuative. There is a message bar at the bottom of the window that explains what to do. Try the menu options and see what they do. With spin enabled there will be a masse indicator on the left which indicates the elevation of the cue. Spin is determined by the position of the mouse click on the cue ball. Consult the detailed instructions for more information. Game rules are available on the Hoover Bros' Pool Games page and on the Billards Congress of America's three most popular pool games.

For the curious, there's more detail than most people care to know about the implementation of Java Pool in the Java Pool implementation documentation.



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You may download the Java Pool 1.3 website so that you can play it anytime, no waiting. 100% free. Be sure to check back periodically for newer versions.

Legal stuff: By downloading Java Pool, you agree to use if for your own entertainment only, and you agree to continually fight for the betterment of mankind. All content, intellectual and otherwise, included in the download is copyrighted and protected by law. You may not modify the content from it's uncompressed form. You may not make it, nor any subset of it, available to others from other computers. Got it :-) ?

Just click download and save to disk. Create a folder into which to unzip with your favorite zip utility. The file "index.html" is a copy of this page. In Windows, you may wish to make a shortcut to it for your desktop or start menu.

Pool Physics Quiz

For fun, test your pool physics IQ. But be careful, you might actaully learn something that will help your pool game. 

Other Java Pool Games

Java Pool offers the most realistic physics, and the best game play of any Java pool game out there. And it's the only place on the web where you can try out the Hoover Brother's Pool Games. But there are many other great Java pool games in town. Here are some of them, best first:

3-D Pool, by FlyOrDie Software
Wow! Excellent 3-D graphics. Great physics. Logon and play others online. Great physics.

Gallus Pool, by Raymond Glennie
9-ball with great physics including spin and masse. Realistic rolling balls. Play others on the internet.

Play 8-ball, 9-ball, and 3-ball with others on the internet. Chat rooms and tournaments.

PasiWorld Pool
Play 8-ball or 9-ball with others on the internet! Quality graphics, good physics.

Merkin's Pool Hall, by Alex A
Play 8-ball with others on the internet! Or practice yourself. Quality graphics, mediocre physics with spin.

Pretty Good Pool, by CleverMedia
2-D and a simple 3-D version. Good graphics. Great physics. Shows ball trajectories as you line up your shot.

Java Pool, by Frank Calzada
Good graphics. Great physics. Shows ball trajectories as you line up your shot.

FreeArcade 9-Ball, by Shigeru Oohara
Play 9-ball against a computer opponent.

Playground Pool, by Daniel Abplanalp
Simple pool applet with good physics, and a high score list.

Web Billiard, by Michael Gnatz
Networked pool with decent graphics but poor physics.

Virtual Pool, by Eric Soroos
Not bad, but nothing special about it. Mediocre physics.

pool, by Geoffrey Wade
A toy.


Java Game Sites



Java Game Park

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Non-Java Pool Video Games

A list from

3-D Ultra Cool Pool
a new product from Sierra with lots of original ideas, including several unique pool games.





Copyright 1999, Steve Hoover