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Java Pool

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No Java Support Click here if you have a fast computer running Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator 4.7+ and would like to use the best features of Java Pool with sound on.
No Java Support Click here if you have a slow computer or need sound off. Check below that your browser is not known to have problems with Java applets.


Welcome to the most realistic billiards game you can play from your browser! Java Pool supports some great features that may take a minute to download. To play, click one of the buttons above (once) when they appear.

Open the Hoover Bros' Pool Games for rules to the games you can play right now with Java Pool.


!!! WARNING !!!

If you are not using Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater, be aware that not all browsers support Java properly. Here's a breif summary of my experience with Java Pool on different platforms. You may wish to press the "stop" button on your browser and close all other applications. Then press "reload" in your browser.


About Java Pool

Java Pool is more than just an oline video game; it is a billiards resource. With Java Pool you can learn the greatest new pool games which you can take with you when you logoff and head to the pool hall. You may even learn pool physics that will improve your game and impress your friends. But most of all, it's free, it's fun, and it only takes a mouse click to play, so enjoy!

Steve Hoover
Creator of Java Pool and
coauthor of the Hoover Bros' Pool Games


Detailed instructions are available, however Java Pool is relatively intuative. There is a message bar at the bottom of the window that explains what to do. Try the menu options and see what they do. With spin enabled there will be a masse indicator on the left which indicates the elevation of the cue. Spin is determined by the position of the mouse click on the cue ball. Consult the detailed instructions for more information. Game rules are available on the Hoover Bros' Pool Games page and on the Billards Congress of America's three most popular pool games.

For the curious, there's more detail than most people care to know about the implementation of Java Pool in the Java Pool implementation documentation.



Open the Java Pool chat room.